We're committed to donating 25% of proceeds each month to charity. This month we've partnered with National Alliance on Mental Illness.



Empathy is something we learned from our Mom.  Something we absorbed from the osmosis of being raised by a woman who gave a damn.  A woman who dusted herself off and then raised her hand to volunteer to be the person who did something about it.  Whatever it was. And it was always something.  

Something interesting is brewing in the world, would you agree? Something is stirring, something is mixing up and changing and probably evolving, too.  How couldn’t it?  We’re on a river and we’re moving forward and the people who’ve been guiding the raft all along don’t know these waters.  It’s like a foreigner guiding locals down Class IV rapids. Then the locals grab the paddles and start to shout proper instructions to safely land ashore.  Something is changing among us.

Social justice rings loud in our ears, barks in our dreams and weighs heavy on our hearts.  We don’t know what we don’t know, but we take what we can see and we try to be the people who raise their hand to volunteer to do something about it. We’re not passive women, never have been. We’re not perfect either. But we love progress.  And if we give ourselves the chance to make a couple mistakes we might learn a lot about how to do a part of the work that our role in the world demands.  We’re business owners, we’re sisters, we’re mothers. But we’re also participants. We walk to the parks and drop our kids off at schools, too. We grocery shop and pay taxes and want the world to be good just like you do.

What can we do about it? We can give. We can support. We can commit to donating 25% of all profit to a different charity each month. It feels a little ambitious, a little scary, and completely right. It’s our thing.  It’s the thing, really.  The thing we can do, the role we can play, the disruptor to capitalism that fights itself. We’re committed.  And we’re so ready for it.


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