The Stories

For my best friend.

"My bestest friend and her sister lost their mother when they were very young, as she is celebrating her birthday I wanted to gift her something that was a pure significance to the bond they shared and always will. I had a dear friend, Britta Ferrell share your business with me and I immediately knew I wanted to gift this to her ❤️"…

For my amazing husband.

“My husband is pure magic. When our daughter was two she loved playgrounds more than anything, and here’s her Dad carrying her on a jungle gym because she was too small to do it on her own. It’s the perfect image of their connection, he’ll never let her miss an opportunity to climb on top of the world. Notice the wings on his shoes. That’s no accident, he’s an angel.”…

The imperfect ones we've made.

"We never toss a locket that needs to be redone. No way. They’re too alive for that. Instead, they stay in the Imperfect Jar, which for the record, is full of love."