The Stories

The imperfect ones we've made.

"We never toss a locket that needs to be redone. No way. They’re too alive for that. Instead, they stay in the Imperfect Jar, which for the record, is full of love."

For Grandma Cindy.

"Grandma's love to talk about their grandkids, so this open locket will be perfect for Grandma Cindy!"

For Allyssa.

"Made one for myself of my family, my three birds." 

For Earl.

"Our business mentor, Earl, some 50 yrs ago, on his wedding day. He has helped us so much to learn about supply chains and logistics and all those non-sexy (but somehow still exciting!) parts of running a business. We’re so grateful for every question he throws at us."

A gift for Grandma!

“Grandma and Grandpa and all the grandkids, for the best Grandma in the world!”