8th Grade Graduation Keepsake for Daughter

The Silver Evelyn Locket with Etching and Two Photos

"Zoie chose these photos. I gifted her a locket, and asked her to choose the photos she wanted to go in the locket. Zoie has been part of the Waldorf School since she was in Kindergarten, and many of these children have been with her this whole time. They are a family, they love each-other fiercely and beautifully. These past two years have been very difficult for our family. Zoie has had to manage the dissolution of my marriage to a deeply ill and abusive man. Managing the loss of her father in this traumatic way, learning some things she is really too young to learn, and of what that all means, on top of now managing the covid-19 crisis and having to shelter in place in Brooklyn, and now graduate from home, is a huge ask, and she has met all of it with grace and beauty and incredible empathy. I'm beyond honored to be her mama."