Our goal is to make meaningful, beautiful lockets with photographs centered on your life stories. That's the short of it. 

The long of it is that while we started The Locket Sisters to solve our own personal dilemma of finding a company that would put the photo in for us and make it the type of jewelry we actually really wanna wear, we underestimated how much these little pieces of keepsake jewelry would mean to the people wearing them.

We aren't afraid of the vast reasons people want to hold a photograph close to their heart. We welcome your grief, your despair, your joy and laughter and celebration. We respect that each person needs something a little different, a little unique, and we love that for just a while, our paths are criss-crossing through the medium of jewelry.

We're an intimate studio, just two of us, both full-time, both Moms, showing up to this sunny studio each weekday, lucky enough to work in a six-floor building full of artists in the Northeast Minneapolis Art District. We listen to good music, we drink good coffee, we work in the quiet hum of this big sunny space, and ground ourselves within the focus of what you want from us, and what we're really good at, too: Making you a beautiful locket that means something, and providing you with an easy, positive experience.

However you found us, we're really, really glad you're here.

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