To give you the full "about" for this work and these lockets, I also have to include a little about my sister, Amy, who launched this with me from our parent's kitchen table in December 2017. You can learn all about our work together, and her making the leap onto different work, too, in this article here.

Since it's just me forging this path now, I wanna introduce you to what makes me race to work everyday. 

I've always wanted to make jewelry, but before this I worked in the non-profit world. I was on an intervention team that supported families who were at risk of having their kids taken away because of abuse, neglect, poverty, and abuses of power, too. I also did more hopeful work, connecting kids with mentors, connecting adults with resources like jobs, food, housing. I met immigrants who were not here legally and a lot who were. I built relationships with refugees forced to run from, and for, their lives. I listened to so many stories from people who'd experienced more than I even knew was happening. That work gave me an education I needed, and it showed me how much I value humanity.⠀

This work here brings me full circle in many ways, because so many of you share the most sacred details about your own lives with me, too. Your hopes, profound loss, joy you want to remember forever, milestones threading your life, healing and adventure and sorrow and resiliency. It's your humanity. You've also given me an education that I needed, one that put a flashlight on experiences I didn't know were happening.⠀

Making lockets for people around the world is my dream job. I am so grateful to be here. And grateful that you're here, too.





Since the beginning of our work here at The Locket Sisters, we knew we were onto something good

People were interested in what we were doing, in the space we were holding for people around the world to tell their stories, they were smitten with the timeless concept of a locket and how they've had one from their grandmother, but without a photograph, for years; or how they've always wanted one; or how they know someone who could really really use something like this right now. 

We work really hard, particularly at delivering a positive experience and a lovely piece of jewelry to our incredible customers, but there's also been an ease to The Locket Sisters that seems like she found her place in this big world just when she needed to. 

While our greatest honor is knowing what these little photo lockets will mean to you and the stories that accompany their power, it's been wildly fun to see our work featured in various news magazines, TV shows, and blogs. That anyone even knows we exist enough to show up to our studio everyday to work for you, let alone when they find us from a TV show, or getting texts from our friends saying "My Mom just texted me saying she saw you on TV???" and "I'm in line at the grocery store and I see you're in Midwest Living Magazine?????"

What fun! 

Check out some of our features here.



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