Permanent Jewelry


Welcome to Permanent Jewelry by The Locket Sisters!

We are so excited to offer this to our local Minneapolis/St. Paul community. While our lockets go all over the world, our permanent jewelry gives us the opportunity to create meaningful, high-quality, long-lasting jewelry in person with our customers, fans and neighbors in the Twin Cities. 

What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a style of bracelet, anklet or necklace using unique chain designs that close without a clasp. Instead, they're secured using a micro-weld on a jump ring to create an infinity, or permanent, loop around your wrist (most common), ankle or neck. The one-second micro-weld happens above a leather slip that sits between the chain and your skin. It's so fast you'll miss it if you blink twice! But the result lasts so much longer; a piece of jewelry that stays with you everywhere you go. It doesn't mind showers, swimming, sweating, sleeping, living. It’s permanent!

Appointments and Private Parties!

You can book an appointment below, or text 612-567-2397 to make a special appt if none of these dates/times work. We also offer private parties at our gorgeous studio in NE Mpls, or we can even come to your location! We're at 2205 California St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418, and you can find us in Studio 202, just about Mojo's Coffee shop (best espresso in town! I'm willing to fight about this!).

What are my design options?

You have many! We have sterling silver, 14k gold vermeil, rose gold, and will be adding 14k solid gold during the summer of 2023. We’ve got hearts, diamond-cut boxes, big flat oval links, and more. Plus, each piece has a name from another language that means something beautiful. For example, Hana is Arabic for “compassion and kindness,” while Querencia is Spanish for “a place where you are your most authentic self.”

Can I book a whole group?

Yes! We love a whole group! We've got a blog here to spark your inspiration and answer your quetsions. You can also email Mandy at or call/text 612-567-2397 for start the conversation.


Will it hurt?

Nope! There is no heat applied to your skin, ever. There is also no radiating heat on the jump ring after being zapped. We use a Tig welder, which basically means the teeny-tiniest micro welder ever. Generally we use it to close the tiniest of chains and jump rings while making your lockets, and then got lucky when we found out it’s useful for this other thing, too – permanent jewelry! Plus, there is a leather strip placed on your skin for protection during the very, very brief zap. After, we give it a check to make sure it “took”, give it a quick brass brushing, and you’re set! Most people are surprised at how quick and easy it is.

What if it falls off?

Great question! If it falls off within the first month, come back in so we can fix it, no charge. If it falls off after that, the cost for repair is simply the cost of the appointment (as long as you still have your chain). If the chain has disappeared into the abyss of your life, choose a new one!

How do I get it off?

You can make an appointment with us to take it off, or you can use just about any household cutter/pliers to remove it. Frankly you could probably even just cut it with scissors at home if you don’t mind the wear and tear on your scissors. The chains are sturdy, but they are not the same as fencing around a prison – it should come off fairly easily if you’re intending to remove it.


How do I clean it?

Ah, another great question! We give our Permanent Jewelry customers a polishing cloth to tidy up their chains anytime. A little soap and water works, too, and we also recommend these single-use cleaning wipes, or the more tedious task of dabbing a Q-tip into another cleaning solution and applying it bit by bit.

What’s my next step?

Use our online booking system to find a time to get yourself here! We honestly can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into our gorgeous studio space!

Where do these permanent jewelry appointments happen?

We’re based inside the California Building in the Northeast Minneapolis Art District, which is a historic six-story building flush with artists of all media, from photographers to painters to stained glass and jewelry (hey-o, that’s us!). Best of all, underneath our space is Mojo’s Coffee, which factually has the best espresso in town, and I’m willing to fight about it. Treat yourself to something down there, then come up here and get some gorgeous jewelry on your wrist. It’s gonna be fun! Bring a friend!

2205 Calfiornia St. NE #202,

Minneapolis, MN 55418

What is parking like?

While you can almost always find parking on the street (and it's free!), we recommend parking in the (also free) small lot next to Mojo's Coffee on the east side of the building. Enter the glass door by the wheelchair ramp, take the stairs up to your right, take another right at the top of the stairs and you'll run in to us in 202.



This is an endeavor that Mandy tackled head on. In her former career, Mandy was a youth pastor at a church in St. Paul, and as you can imagine, this included organizing, leading, coordinating and connecting with people in person, in real life, regularly. She recently took her daughter on a surprise birthday trip to Scottsdale, AZ, where they stumbled on a permanent jeweler. Mandy noticed that the Tig welder was the same one we use in the studio for your lockets, and came back inspired to create something similar in our space. This offering here is from those seeds.

And now, after about six months of exploring what our incredible customers want from us with permanent jewelry, we're so excited to introduce Sheyenne, our new Permanent Jeweler! It's so fun to have her calm, creative energy on our team! With her presence, here are some of the ways you can interact with Permanent Jewelry at the Locket Sisters in the Twin Cities:

  • Evening appts
  • Weekend appts
  • Private events
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Bridal showers
  • Professional events
  • Holiday parties
  • Employee appreciation gifts and events
  • Birthday parties
  • and more!