Host a Unique Jewelry Shopping Party with The Locket Sisters | Permanent Jewelry

Are you looking for a unique way to get together with your friends and family while having fun and shopping for beautiful jewelry? We recently opened up our studio space in the Northeast Minneapolis Art District for Permanent Jewelry and we would love to host you and your favorites! Whether it be a bridal party, birthday celebration, remembrance of a loved one, fundraiser, staff appreciation, girls night out, engagement party, prom, etc., permanent jewelry allows for connection and bonding with friends as you all find the jewelry that reflects you! Many of our permanent jewelry customers also fall in love with our lockets and are able to see what the photos they love would look like in a locket. Our space is something special and we would love to have you experience it!

Are you interested? Thinking of all the people you want to gather? 

Keep reading to learn a few more details and then you can get planning!

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a style of bracelet, anklet or necklace using unique chain designs that close without a clasp. Instead, they're secured using a micro-weld on a jump ring to create an infinity, or permanent, loop around your wrist (most common), ankle or neck. The one-second micro-weld happens above a leather slip that sits between the chain and your skin. It's so fast you'll miss it if you blink twice! But the result lasts so much longer; a piece of jewelry that stays with you everywhere you go. It doesn't mind showers, swimming, sweating, sleeping, living. It’s permanent! This means that you can enjoy the beauty of your jewelry at all times and never have to worry about forgetting to put it on. You can read more about why we added Permanent Jewelry to The Locket Sisters over here.

Why host a party in our studio?

If you've been to our studio, you just know! It's a unique space full of stories, connection, and beauty. The windows are big and the sun shines bright. The wood floors speak of the history of the building and all the memories made throughout the years. The walls are brick and full of character. The ceiling is high. When you walk in you feel relaxed, dreamy, and inspired. And the best part is that you didn't have to lift a finger at your own house to clean and prep!

The California Building that our studio is in is located central to many trendy and delicious restaurants, boutiques, and breweries. Picture your group grabbing a meal, stopping by a couple shops, then heading to the studio with a bottle of wine and chocolate. Once you get there, you get to shop meaningful jewelry. Each of our Permanent Jewelry chains is named with the purpose of holding meaning and value. Our lockets are on display to try on, open, touch, and dream of what special memory you would want close to your heart. There's something for everyone!

You can read more about our studio here and here in these blogs from past years

Who should you invite?

Our space is open to anyone and everyone! What is the next event you're planning?  Are you looking for something to bring people together? Who loves jewelry? What group are you looking to build connection with? We've thought of a few specific party ideas to get your mind turning...

  • Bridal Party - Add our stop to a bachelorette party or a wedding shower with your favorites. Bring the bridesmaids to pick out jewelry for the big day. Bring the bride and surprise her with matching bracelets for the wedding day.
  • Birthday Celebration - Who doesn't love a reason to get together and celebrate someone special?! Whether it's your mom, aunt, friend, neighbor, or daughter...gather the friends and celebrate!
  • Fundraiser - Choose a charity to support and we will donate a percentage of sales to the organization. Invite everyone who loves this organization and wants to be a part of making a difference.
  • A Celebration of Life - Has someone you loved passed away? This could be a beautiful way to bring people together and choose jewelry that will remind you of this person and the love and memories you have shared.
  • Sports Team - Either the moms or the kids, make it a team bonding experience!
  • Book Club - Mix it up and host the book club in our studio with the addition of adding some bling to each wrist!
  • Staff Bonding - Are you the boss and want to surprise your staff with an appreciation gift or maybe even a holiday staff party? Do you just love going out with your colleagues after work? Either way, bring some wine and apps and make it a party!

Whoever you choose, you'll be so happy to have created an experience where people could connect and grow closer through a fun activity that you didn't have to put much effort into planning but you will all go home with something to remember the time!

When can you have your party?

This is a simple answer - anytime! Email us with your idea, the amount of people you are planning to invite, and any other special details and we will work out a time that works best for both of us! Nothing is off the table as far as time of day or day of the week.

How much will it cost?

We have a booking fee for private events of $150 to reserve the time on our calendar and studio, and then the full amount is applied to the cost of the host's (or guest's if you'd like!) permanent jewelry selections.

What about the food and beverages?

You can bring whatever you want! We will have water available. Our space has a full size refrigerator as well as various serving pieces that you can use. We can discuss this in detail via email to make it as easy as possible for you. If you choose to order food in, we can help in that process as well. For an additional cost, we can prepare food and beverage for your group.

Are you ready? Gather your people and make it happen! Head to this page and read more about our Permanent Jewelry and the ways to contact us under "Can I book a whole group?" and we will get in touch with you. We can't wait to see you!

By the way...we can also come to you! Galas, Fundraisers, Intimate Gatherings, Grand Openings, Sale Events, Conferences, etc. Email us to inquire!