Repairs, Returns and Refunds


Returns: Due to the custom nature of our creative work, we are not able to accept refunds. If you have any issue with your purchase, we will seek a remedy through repair or replacement. We genuinely want you to have a positive experience working with The Locket Sisters, and to that end, we will work hard to find a resolution to the issue presented.

Refunds: Similar to returns, due to the custom nature of making your locket, we do not offer refunds. Exceptions to this policy would be retroactively applying the 15% off “welcome” code to your order as occasionally customers overlook entering it at checkout. To do this, let us know within 48 hours of ordering to retroactively apply a coupon code to your order. 

Repairs: As is the case with all jewelry from all jewelry makers, sometimes your locket will need a repair. The most common repair request we get is regarding how your locket closes, and that it swings open too much. This is a simple fix on our end that we do in-house at our locket studio in the Northeast Minneapolis Art District. The second most common request is the need for a fix on your chain. Sometimes we need to re-weld the chain, sometimes it requires a full replacement. Occasionally, there are other requests that might come up. Here are our policies:

  • Repairs on lockets within the first 12 months from the date of order are complimentary. After that, repairs are $35 and include shipping the locket back to The Locket Sisters, repair and cleaning, and shipping the locket back to you again.

  • Repairs on chains within the first 12 months from the date of order are complimentary. After that, a replacement chain can be purchased for $25 using this link here.

To initiate a repair or replacement or let us know of another concern regarding your order, contact us at or via text/telephone at 612-567-2397 or by using the form below.