The information on this page might answer most of your questions, but if some remain, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page or text us at (612) 567-2397. We're an intimate shop, generally working 9-5ish hours M-F in our studio in the Northeast Minneapolis Art District. 

2023 Winter Holiday 'order by' Dates:

  • Hannukah: Order by Monday, November 27th for delivery by Thursday, December 7th
  • Christmas: Order by Friday, December 15th for delivery by Saturday, December 23rd 
  • INTERNATIONAL/NON-US ORDERS: Order by Nov. 15th for Hannukah and Dec. 1st for Christmas
  • We recommend selecting a an upgraded shipping option (instead of the "Free Shipping" which is USPS Ground Advantage) anytime you are working against a timeline.

What's the process for ordering a locket?

  • Choose a locket style you love
  • Upload the photo you'd like added to your locket
  • Go through the checkout process
  • Yep! It's actually that easy.

Which shipping option should I choose?

  • We recommend selecting USPS Priority Shipping (generally around $7-$10) for any package you really need by a certain date. That peace of mind to make sure it'll move through the system faster seems worth it.
  • If you have a loose timeline on when you need it in your hands, and 2-3ish weeks from the date of order (at the longest) is fine, then the free option works great! It'll be shipped with USPS Ground Advantage, which used to be called USPS First Class Mail.
  • We love USPS for domestic shipping. It's low cost, is often more reliable that other carriers, and travels pretty swiftly to where it's headed.
  • We keep other options available to you, too, in case you know a certain carrier works best for your neighborhood or you have a personal preference.

International Shipping Update:

  • We've recently updated our shipping zones to include Canada, Australia, Mexico, Germany, France, China and New Zealand. We recommend the flat rate option with GlobalPost as it offers door-to-door tracking, whereas USPS stops tracking the package as soon as it leaves the United States. FedEx is also a reliable, fast option - but much more expensive.
  • Our international shipping options are limited right now (although bigger than they once were!) as we find the most issues with getting your locket to you when it goes beyond the US or Canada. It's not an issue with foreign countries per se, but just the massive amount of logistics that go from getting your package from here to there, a lot can go wrong, and 50% of those shipments have issues. 
  • To guarantee we can provide a positive experience, we've added GlobalPost to our USPS and FedEx shipping options, and are keeping it limited until we feel like we can guarantee a smooth arrival of your locket outside of the Unite States.

Helpful links:

  • "How to Choose a Photo for Your Locket" is here
  • "Tips for Choosing a Locket for Someone Else" is here
  • "How to Clean Your Locket" is here
  • Adding a second photograph to your existing locket is here.
  • Ordering a new chain is here.

Still need more details on that ordering process? 

  • Select the locket you love most. 
  • Upload your favorite photo. Any photo. Choose one that means the most to you, even if it's understated to someone else. It can be a photo from your cell phone, a photo of an old photo, a highly produced image - anything. We just need it digitally so we can work our magic behind the scenes to make it beautiful, crisp and small for your locket.
  • Order it, and we'll make your new locket.  We resize, sharpen and print the image, then cut it, set it, and hand-pour a resin we mix ourselves. We keep a close eye on your locket for the next two days while it cures into a piece of jewelry that will last forever as the hardened resin protects your photograph. 
  • When it's complete and ready, we'll ship it to the address you provided us when ordering and provide tracking.

How do I get my photo to The Locket Sisters?

  • When you're on the product page for the locket you want you'll see some fill-able questions and "UPLOAD PHOTO" is one of them. This is the spot that you give us your picture to go inside your locket.
  • The image can be bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpg, jif, jfif, jfi, png, wbmp, xbm, tiff, psd, or pdf and can be really, really big too. These are really just funny-looking file names for all the various types of digital pictures we accept. 

I can't get my photo to upload and an error message keeps popping up. Any ideas?

  • First, sorry! Glitches are the worst, aren't they?
  • To remedy, try taking a screenshot of the image you want to load and load that instead. 9 times out of 10 this solves the problem.
  • If that doesn't work, email us at thelocketsisters@gmail.com with the photo you want, and the locket you want, and we'll draft your order internally and send it back to you to complete. That always solves the problem ;)

The photograph inside my locket is changing in color or clarity, is that normal?

  • Not normal! And we're so sorry!
  • The photograph inside your locket should appear very clear, and should not change in color, ever. If this is happening, it means we encountered a small batch of resin that didn't settle or mix properly and we need to make this right for you by repairing it or making a new locket for you.
  • To start the repair process, send us a photo of your locket and order number or name to hello@thelocketsisters.com or via text at 612-567-2397 
  • We will send you a return label to print at home, and once it's back in our hands we'll assess if you'll need a repair or a brand new locket. 
  • Thanks for giving us a chance to make it right. 

Do you have a storefront I can visit to shop?

  • We have a big spacious studio in the Northeast Minneapolis Art District. Though it's not a storefront and is more of a studio for us to make your lockets, it does have a display with all the lockets for the local folks who need something more experiential when ordering their locket keepsakes.
  • We schedule these by appointment only as we are in and out of the studio all week long.
  • To schedule a time to visit, please text us at 612-567-2397.
  • Even those who come into the studio will still have their order processed online as we need the digital image (and all that other good stuff to get it shipped to you!).

What does it mean that you put resin on the photo in my locket?

  • Resin is a mixture of organic compounds that creates a clear hard surface, almost like glass but not breakable, that protects your photograph from wear and tear. We mix the resin in small batches and by hand, and then slowly pour it over your photo to make sure the right amount sits inside your locket. It's pretty cool, really! It takes a day or two to dry and then keeps your locket extra safe for long-term use and enjoyment.

How long does it take to get a locket? 

  • You will have your locket in your hands in about 10-14 days from the date of order.
  • Double photo lockets take longer because we have to pour the resin on each side on separate days.
  • We begin making lockets as they come in, so generally the production begins within 1-2 days of you ordering.

Do you gift wrap the lockets?

  • Everything comes in what we would consider gift wrap, meaning you could hand someone the locket in the way that we send it to you and it looks like a gift, even if you're ordering it for yourself.
  • You also have the option of adding a hand-written note to the box. You can find this at the checkout page of your order.

Can you rush my order?

  • Usually. If you send us a message or make a note in your order we will work really hard to accommodate your timeline. Text us at (612) 567-2397 with the timeline you'd like us to meet, whether it's a locket with one or two photos, and where it's headed and we'll see if we can help make this happen.

Do you offer engraving?

  • No. We worked toward adding engraving for a long time, collaborating with a manufacturer on the design we needed and all it's details, and we just didn't like what it did to our lockets. After returning our new engraver, we decided it's just not something we'll offer (for now). We're really, really good at getting your photos into lockets, and that's what we'll continue to focus on. 
  • Many customers have brought their locket to a local engraver in their community, and have had positive, successful experiences. We recommend this route if engraving is an important feature for your locket!

Can I switch out the photo in my locket?

  • Nope. We secure the images in a resin, which protects it.  Our lockets are meant to be a lifetime piece. If you're craving a different picture close to your heart, you can always buy another one! We have a few clients who have more than five :)

Can I add a second side to my locket later on? 

  • Sure can. People do this often, actually.
  • To make this happen, you'll need this link here to provide us with your second picture, and shipping information, and for you to complete checkout.
  • Then, you send the locket to: 

                  The Locket Sisters

                  2205 California St NE #202

                  Minneapolis, MN 55418

  • We keep an eye out for it, then magically get that second picture you love inside the locket once it arrives, and send it back to you. Easy peezy. 

Is it possible to order a locket now so I can give the locket as a gift, but let them choose the photos and have them added later? 

  • Yes. For this, you have to add "dummy photos" to whatever locket you're ordering because photos are required when checkout out. 
  • Be sure to note that you'd like the locket sent empty, without resin

Will you let me know if the photos I chose don't work? 

  • Of course! This is so rare, but if needed, we will certainly reach out.

Will a picture from my cell phone be good enough?

  • Yes! In fact, we'd estimate that most orders come to us with photographs from cell phones. They work perfectly!

Can you send me a preview before you make it?

  • Yes. If you'd like a proof before we set the secure resin inside, please leave a note somewhere in tour order about this as we only send them when the desire is indicated. We generally text these, as it seems to be the quickest way (for everyone) to see the proof, so be sure to add your phone number to your order and keep an eye out for a message from us that will include a photo.

How do I clean my locket?

  • Great question! We send every locket out with a polishing cloth to keep your locket shiny and bright.
  • We also wrote a blog here to help with this, and there's a video here and below.


Which chain length do most people get?

  • 18 inch or 20 inch are the most common.
  • If you get your locket, and you feel like uggghhhhh I chose the wrong length then just send us a message and let us know. We'll send you a different length, and you can slip that old chain you originally got in an envelope with a stamp and snail mail her back to us. It's really ok.

Will my locket be waterproof?

  • We wouldn't call this waterproof, but we're comfortable with water resistant. Water will increase the wear of your locket, but it won't ruin it per se. The best thing for your locket is to wear it when you're dry, as your body's natural oils keep it from tarnishing, and to take it off before showering and swimming.
  • Once as an experiment we placed finished lockets in a glass of water for four days to see what would happen. The photos were fine because they're protected under a resin, and the locket itself needed just a bit of polishing. So, technically your locket can get wet, but we still recommend keeping it dry :)

What are your lockets made of?

  • Each piece has different materials, so see the individual lockets for descriptions of the materials used. Generally though, they range from .925 sterling silver, 14k gold vermeil, solid 14k gold, 24k gold-fill and stainless steel with brass.
  • ALL lockets are nickel-free and hypo-allergenic.
  • Allyssa, the owner, has sensitive skin (hey hey redhead life!) and tests all materials on herself before committing to them as a company.

What is Gold Vermeil and how long does it last? 

  • Gold vermeil is the highest-quality, longest-lasting gold option next to solid gold (which we will also eventually offer). 
  • The length of time that the heavy 14k gold plating will stay on your locket depends on how you wear are care for it. We wear ours often, all the time even, and it's lasting years. Could be forever if you care for it well.
  • We recommend avoiding getting it wet, and storing it in dry, secure spaces. 
  • 3 microns is a very thick plating of gold (generally regarded as the heaviest plating available).
  • Most gold plating is 0.5-1.0mm, and ours is 3-6x heavier than that, which means it will last much, much longer.

Can you photoshop the image?

  • Yes, we bring every image into Photoshop to shrink down the size to fit into your locket. We make only contrast and brightness edits unless you have a specific request for us. We began our photo careers with a boutique studio in Minneapolis, so we're pretty good at this stuff. 

Do you have non-necklace lockets?

Would you donate a gift card to a fundraiser?

Return Policy

  • Our lockets are made just for you, with just the image you chose inside. The custom nature of our lockets means we're not able to accept returns. And yet, we want to make sure you love it. If you have any concerns about your locket after receiving it, please contact us so we may make it right.


  • You have options!
  1. USPS First Class: Free to you! (2-8 days)
  2. USPS Priority (2-3 days)
  3. USPS Priority Mail Express (usually overnight, two days tops)
  4. FedEx Home Delivery (1-5 days)
  5. FedEx 2 Day (two business days)
  6. FedEx Standard Overnight (next business day by 4pm)
  7. FedEx Priority Overnight (next business day by 10:30am)
  8. FedEx First Overnight (next business day 8am)
  • CANADA: Shipping to Canada can be done with USPS or FedEx, and generally ranges from $30-$170. FedEx seems to be the most reliable.
  • INTERNATIONAL: We removed all shipping zones outside of the United States and Canada because of changing laws with importing/exporting - we were in over our heads understanding these logistics, 

Still have a question we haven't answered? Fill out this form and we'll answer your question quickly.  You can also text us at 612-567-2397. We generally work M-F 9-5ish but respond outside of those hours whenever we can.