Locket pendants with photos inside

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Often many people have the same questions, so we put together a couple of FAQs. Maybe it will help answer your question, too?

How long does it take to get a locket? 

You will have your locket in your hands in 10-14 days, usually sooner. We make your piece by hand, which means it involves resizing, printing, cutting, setting the image, and then drying your locket. It's worth the wait to make sure it lasts a lifetime. 

Do you offer engraving?

Not yet, but we're working on it. This is probably the most commonly asked question, so we hear you. It's important, and we hope to add this feature in 2020.

Can I switch out the photo in my locket?

Nope. We secure the images in a resin, which protects it.  Our lockets are meant to be a lifetime piece. If you're craving a different picture close to your heart, you can always buy another one! We have a few clients who have more than five :)

Will my locket be waterproof?

We wouldn't call this waterproof, but we're comfortable with water resistant. We actually put some finishing lockets in a glass of water for four days and the photos were fine and the locket itself needed just a bit of polishing. So, yes, it can get wet, but like all good quality things it deserves lots of love and care, too.

What are your lockets made of?

We select materials that feel safe on sensitive skin, which ranges from nickel-free brass to sterling silver to 24k gold. Each piece has different materials, so see the individual lockets for descriptions. 

Can you photoshop the image?

Yes, we bring every image into Photoshop to shrink down the size to fit into your locket. We make only contrast and brightness edits unless you have a specific request for us. We began our photo careers with a boutique studio in Minneapolis, so we're pretty good at this stuff. 

Do you have men's keychains or pendants?

We do!  Check out The Henry, everyone is loving it! Men also love The Lapel Pin, and The Ozzie Clip.

Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes. If your country is not showing up as an option, just tell us and we'll add it. 

Return Policy

Our lockets are made just for you, with just the image you chose inside. The custom nature of our lockets means we're not able to accept returns.  If you have a request or concern about your locket after receiving it, please contact us so we may remedy it and make the issue magically go away.


Free shipping with in the Continental United States. $10 flat rate to Canada.  $15 flat rate to all other countries. 

Wondering if we will ship to you and your country isn't listed? Let us know

So, how does ordering a locket work? It's a good question. 

1.  Select the locket you love most. 

2.  Upload your favorite photo. Any photo. Choose one that means the most to you, even if it's understated to someone else. It can be a photo from your cell phone, a photo of an old photo, a highly produced image - anything. We just need it digitally so we can work our magic behind the scenes to make it beautiful, crisp and small for your locket.

3.  Order it, and we'll make your new locket.  We resize, sharpen and print the image, then cut it, set it, and hand-pour a resin we mix ourselves. We keep a close eye on your locket for the next two days while it cures into a piece of jewelry that will last forever as the hardened resin protects your photograph. 

4.  When it's complete and ready, we'll ship it to the address you provided us when ordering and provide tracking.

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