What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent Jewelry at The Locket Sisters! What does this even mean? Once you read this and learn a bit more about what permanent jewelry is, you’ll be sure to hear about it again and again around the town. It’s the newest and hottest fashion trend and we totally understand why!

Honestly, we didn’t know what permanent jewelry was until a few months ago! My daughter and I went on a trip to AZ for her 13th birthday and a friend gave her an “Experience” of going to get permanent jewelry in Scottsdale. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip! Since she’s in a few sports that don’t allow jewelry she chose to get an anklet. From start to end, she felt so special and absolutely loved this gift that is now with her always and she can simply cover it up with her sock when she’s off to soccer or basketball.

I instantly called Allyssa to tell her all about this and we both knew it had to be added to The Locket Sisters? It’s a perfect way to utilize our beautiful space as well as continue to offer more products besides lockets that bring joy, beauty, and connection to people’s lives.

Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is a style of bracelet, anklet or necklace using unique chain designs that close without a clasp. Instead, they're secured using a micro-weld on a jump ring to create an infinity, or permanent, loop around your wrist (most common), ankle or neck. The one-second micro-weld happens above a leather slip that sits between the chain and your skin. It's so fast you'll miss it if you blink twice! But the result lasts so much longer; a piece of jewelry that stays with you everywhere you go. It doesn't mind showers, swimming, sweating, sleeping, living. It’s permanent! This means that you can enjoy the beauty of your jewelry at all times and never have to worry about forgetting to put it on.

We love when customers stop by to look at the lockets and now there’s all the more reason to come to the studio where the magic happens. The place your lockets are made. It truly feels like a magical place. Not only does the light shining in, the brick walls, and wooden floors make it amazing, but years of stories heard and experiences that we have gotten to have while making your lockets are present and felt. Anyone who enters our space immediately feels what we’re talking about. Permanent Jewelry will be one more way we can help you to feel connected with others or even just connected with yourself. Jewelry just has a way of doing that!

We have over 30 chains to choose from in both sterling silver and gold vermeil. Each chain has been named using words from around the world that have beautiful meanings to connect you with your piece of jewelry. Depending on whether you choose a bracelet, anklet, or necklace and whether you decide on gold or silver, the prices start at $55. Getting permanent jewelry can be an experience you have with your friends, sisters, children, mom, partner, etc. It can also become an event to come alongside a birthday party, bridal shower, anniversary, reunion, fundraiser, or any special occasion. We’re even up for bringing our collection to you as a pop up or party favor!

If you’re ready to have your first piece of permanent jewelry or your fifth, (you don’t have to stop at one, stacking is all the rage!) start by making an appointment. We have appointments available on weekdays as well as some weekends which you’ll find under the “Permanent Jewelry” tab on our website.

Choose a time that works best for you or the group of people you want to have this experience with. Each 20-30 minute appointment slot on our website can welcome up to 3 people. If you have more than 3 people, we would still love to accommodate you, just sign up for more than one slot or contact us to create a time where your whole group can come together.

What to expect at your appointment…

We are located in the California Building in Northeast Minneapolis above Mojo Coffee in a beautiful art studio. Located on the 2nd floor you will come in and be welcomed with light refreshments and a calming space for you to create the experience you want to have. You will have some time to choose the piece of jewelry you connect most with. We will then size it to what feels most comfortable and secure the jump ring using a small micro-weld that you won’t even feel.

You can see all of our policies, procedures, and warranties along with how to care for your new piece of jewelry on our website. We’re also always happy to answer questions via text or email as you begin to plan what you’d like your experience to be or after if any problems arise.

Our biggest joy is seeing our customers leave with a product that connects to the heart, brings joy and goodness, and creates a feeling of peace and comfort as they hold it near. Our lockets have done that for years and we cannot wait to see the ways our permanent jewelry will do the same. Come see us soon! Gather your friends or come alone - either way, we are sure you’ll be glad you did.

The Locket Sisters