Charm Locket with Four Pictures for Sister

mixed metal charm locket with photos in four lockets for sister

"This is a Christmas gift for my sister - who happens to be a most amazing mom, sister, and friend. She is quirky in the coolest way and a traditional locket just wouldn't do. I wanted a locket that represented all of the women in her daughter, Allie's, life. We lost our oldest sister to cancer when Alisia and I were in high school and Alison was 25. The cutest baby in the world is Allie and she is the only baby in the family. She was born 6 weeks premature and spent the first month of her life in NICU. She is strong, stubborn, and adorable, like her mama. The picture of my mom is from the cover of Beachweek magazine that she posed for as a teenager growing up in Panama City Beach, Fl. She is completely embarrassed by it so, naturally, we use it all of the time for everything we do! Alisia and I have always been super close and I know this locket will be extra special to her. We owned a flower shop together in our twenties and early thirties and those are some of my favorite memories with her. I love your business story and I love supporting strong women in business. I hope you guys continue to do incredible things. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! Sending lots of love and happiness from Georgia, Ashley."