Locket Sisters Partners with One Tree Planted: Every locket plants a tree!

I found a button on my kitchen counter, clearly made by a child, that said “SAVE BAND” in colorful writing. My daughter, who is in 3rd grade, told me she started a fundraiser with three friends at school selling $1 pins to bring back the band program at their elementary school next year after hearing that the program will be cut. 

I picked her up from a friend's house yesterday evening where they were busy making more pins to meet demand. She said she had a meeting scheduled with the principal for the next day, and later that evening she was in her bed making notes on what she planned to say. I told her that if they tell her that saving band isn't possible, then ask leadership what ideas they have for music education to be preserved next year in band's absence?

Saving Band feels like a lifestyle.  A simple, direct message that can be applied to so many things – we like this good thing, these kids are saying, and we're curious about our power to preserve it.

In an effort to Save Band here at the Locket Sisters too, we've built something new into the structure of our work: We're planting one tree for every locket we make in partnership with One Tree Planted. We've caught up January and February with 250 new trees planted in Ontario, Canada. The location is likely to change each month as we elect to “Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most" which makes it possible for One Tree Planted and it's reforestation partners to focus projects in the landscapes and communities that most need trees. 

My favorite thing about planting a tree for every locket we make is that it feels like new, hopeful life is connected to the energy of every locket, whether you ordered it to keep a loved one close, celebrate love and milestones, or gift it to a friend. Your connections and love are now linked to restoring life on Earth in areas that need it. That's beautiful. 

Lastly, I noticed a note yesterday inside an order from Michele P. who sponsored a Uvalde Locket last week, and it read “God bless. This touched my heart today. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend through the email. That you are striving to make the world a better place and not give in to despair struck a chord with me today.”

Michele: We've just planted an additional 20 trees in Ontario, Canada, in your daughter, Emma's, name. Thank you for the encouragement, and for sponsoring a locket for the Mom of 10 year old Jailah. 

Rather than give in to despair, may we all Save Band.