Lockets for two Yogis from UpYoga of Minneapolis!

"Lindsay and her husband created Up Yoga in 2017, and this picture is of the mural at the front of the studio. The studio has become a place of healing, growth, connection, empowerment, and leadership for hundreds of people. Lindsay got clear on the mission when she started the studio which is, "To empower you to generate connections, take action, and be a leader in your own life." - she lives from this mission and inspires so many people. She gives so much of herself to others, and I wanted to gift her something special. I also love that this is called "The Hope Locket". I walked through the doors of Up in February of 2018, and the two biggest things this community has given to me are hope and possibility. During these uncertain times, we could all use a little more hope and possibility. I can't wait to gift Lindsay a symbol of the gifts she's so generously given to so many others."

UpYoga Minneapolis symbol in two hope lockets