Matching Lockets So They Will Remain Close To Each Other's Hearts

The Penny Locket for Joe and the Roxie Belle Heart Locket for Linda.

"This is Joe and his wife Linda. They are close to being married 55 years. Linda and Joe have lived a wonderful life and raised two boys. 3 1/2 years ago, Joe’s heart started to fail and was given 6 months to live. He had a procedure done to help his heart work longer called the LVAD (Left ventricular assistive device). This pump provided continuous blood flow to his heart. He must wear two large batteries and a controller for the rest of his days. His heart is doing fine now 3/1/2 years strong, but Joe is now suffering from blood cancer. We would like this locket to be with him in his final days and keep his wife forever close to his heart. We are getting a matching locket for Linda so they will both remain close to each other hearts. Joe wanted to give this gift to his wife before he passes as he is now in hospice care. The photo is of the two of them getting married and a second photo for Linda of them recently together."

The Roxie Belle Heart Locket