Sheyenne | Permanent Jewelry in Minneapolis

Last summer the Locket Sisters launched our first real in-person offering to our incredible community: Permanent jewelry! It's a jewelry trend that I anticipate won't leave because the concept is timeless. 

Here's how Permanent Jewelry works:

  1. You select a chain design you love
  2. Jeweler sizes it to fit as a bracelet, necklace, anklet or ring
  3. Jeweler closes the chain with a jump ring
  4. Jeweler welds the jump ring closed so the chain stays where you want it, permanently. 

Of course, as we always tell our customers, eventually it will come off or you'll take it off. Or maybe you'll live another 60 years carrying it with you everywhere you go, right where we put it. 

Something really special about the way Mandy built our permanent jewelry experience is that each chain holds a different meaning -- here are few excerpts from what we offer:

  • Eudaimonia, Greek (U-de-mOn-E), Human flourishing; A contented state of being happy, healthy, prosperous
  • Eunoia, Greek (yoo-noy-iea); Beautiful thinking; A well mind
  • Flaneur, French (flah-neur); Someone who saunters around aimlessly enjoying life and surroundings
  • Hanan, Arabic (hana-n); Compassion and Kindness
  • Kaulayaw, Filipino (kauli-haw), Intimate or close companion or friend
  • Lagom, Swedish (la-gum); Just enough
  • Livsnjutare, Swedish (lives-noo-tuhreh); Enjoyer of life
  • Mudita, Sanskrit (Muw-DIY-Taa); Taking delight in the happiness, success, and well-being of others
  • Querencia, Spanish (kweeuh-ruhn-see-uh); A place where you are your most authentic self

We find our guests choosing designs based just on the meaning, connecting with what it means and how it lands with the moment in their life they find themselves in our big studio deciding on a design they want to hold permanently. 

We also find them choosing designs based purely on design. A chain of hearts in solid gold that they just cannot live without, or large oval chainlink that feels bold and free. 

What we've learned over the past six months, regardless of the designs chosen, is that most of our guests want to visit us in the evenings and weekends. We are so excited to offer more of this availability, including private events in our big but intimate studio space. There is plenty of room for your group of 5-15 people to expand into one of our couches, relax in the open space, and feel inspired in the Northeast Minneapolis Art District. 

Sheyenne, our newest team member at the Locket Sisters, is ready to book permanent jewelry private events like corporate employee appreciate, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, luncheons, friends who want to bring a bottle of wine and relax for a couple hours while they get decked out and bedazzled in beautiful, meaningful chains, and more. If you have another idea, let us know! We're open to it.

Sheyenne has a relaxed disposition, a background in the arts and as a barista, and excellent taste in music, too. 

We're so happy she chose to join us at the Locket Sisters! You'll find her schedule among the rest on our permanent jewelry appointment-booking page

We can't wait to see