We're Popping Up Everywhere...

Well hot diggity dog, we haven't left our studio here in the Northeast Minneapolis Art District, but it sure feels like we're popping up everywhere lately. And the reception, the way all these new communities have been receiving our work here at The Locket Sisters, has been so fun to see and hear and feel. We love when people answer the not-required question at checkout about how they found us, it's so fun to see how the universe made our paths cross. 

And however you got here, we're glad you made it. It's our sincere, high honor to be letting this space act as some sort of medium for your love to be held close to your heart. There are so many reasons that someone might want a locket - to keep a person close, a memory, a milestone, pain, joy, accomplishment, connection - they're all beautiful, they all deserve the same tender attention. We love every single reason. 

Now, take a peek at where we're finding ourselves lately. If you find more, let us know and we'll add them to the list!

1. The Every Girl featured The Edith Locket this year! What an honor. The Edith has been at huge best seller lately, and it was just launched this summer.

The Locket Sisters featured on The Every Girl's 2021 holiday gift guide

2.  The Every Mom featured The Gold Dorothy, which is flying outta the studio this year! Yes, we love being connected to even more women.

The Every Mom featured The Locket Sisters in their 2021 holiday gift guide

3.  Novel Brands interviewed us for their blog a couple months ago, and at the end when she thanked me for my time I told her the pleasure was all mine because I manifested the invitation from her when I set the intention that I'd like The Locket Sisters to be featured on a podcast or blog or written about. She laughed, but folks, I'm serious! Check it out here.

novel brands by the locket sisters interviewed

4. Paisley and Sparrow! One of our favorite Minnesota blogs, Jen from P + S has featured us again this year in her 2021 gift guide. What an honor to be connected to SO many cool Minnesota makers and brands and businesses.

paisley and sparrow featured the locket sisters in their 2021 holiday gift guide

5. Look About Lindsey reached out last month about featured The Locket Sisters, and we leapt up with joy! Yes, thank you, of course, let's do this!

look about lindsey featuring the locket sisters in 2021 holiday gift guide

6. Midwest Living Magazine has us in print AND online, yes please thank you very much. Love love love.

midwest living the locket sisters 2021 holiday gift guide

Exciting stuff. Can't wait to see where we go from here.