The Sisters



We're Amy + Allyssa, two of five siblings from a small town in Minnesota who got the hell outta there ASAP but came back as adults after time spent around the country and world.  And when we did come home, we founded a popular boutique photography studio called Woodford Sisters. Designing products for our clients to enjoy the portraits we made for them lit us on creative fire. We curated frame collections, albums, canvas art, heirloom glass boxes, fine art prints, mobile apps and slip-in books. And then Amy (who saw a need) told Allyssa (who loves to make jewelry) she should make lockets. So she did. 

The craft of taking a photograph that you love, that means something big and special and important to you, even if no one else can see how big and special and important it is, and then scaling it down to fit into a piece of timeless jewelry that you can carry with you wherever you go is life-giving for us. Hearing stories about your life, why you chose a certain image, what the image means to you, how loving someone or losing someone or seeing years pass - these are inspiring to us. Your stories are our stories, everyone's stories. What we've learned is that so much joy, mystery and love is universal. It transcends us all. And each locket transcends a connection that pulls you forward in your own life, too. We know this, and we understand the meditation of keeping your stories close to your heart. We wear lockets, too.

Thank you for being here. 


The Locket Sisters