Back to School: Blue Meow Meow Cat Locket for Kindergartener

"Crosby is about to start kindergarten. He asked for a locket like mine (which you made) so that when he goes to school he can have me close. He specifically chose this blue kitty locket and it couldn’t be more perfect. His favorite color is blue and he’s been talking about asking Santa for a pet kitten for months. He says kittens are the most snuggly! This picture was taken at the beginning of Covid, this spring when every I was so scary and unknown. I was furloughed and his preschool had just closed. With his sister at daycare, I can remember thinking this would be one of my last days with just he and I. My first born who holds such a big space in my heart. A day to ourselves. We went on a hike, he saw a snake to which he still talks about! We sat for a moment looking at all the nature around us and I was lucky to get a picture of that sweet outing. He pick this picture and said he wanted a “nice photo, not goofy.” As nervous and anxious as I am about seeing my little man off to school, I’m happy I can give him a little something to remind him I’ll always be with him."

blue cat locket with photo of kindergartener and mom for his first day of school

blue cat double photo locket with painted enamel and a cat face on the front that can hold a photo