Lockets for Kids

Lockets for Kids

We often get asked which lockets would be best for kids! We’d love to take some time to answer that question. We’ve made many lockets for kids who are missing a special person or pet, who are going off to school and want to have their mom and dad or their pet with them, best friends who have moved away, grandparents who can’t be near, and the list goes on. There’s something about having that special person or animal near to your heart, whether you’re 6 or 76.

Open Round Locket

The lockets our own kids wear are great examples. Penny, Allyssa’s daughter who is 8, keeps her family near to her heart. The transition to full time school felt overwhelming and a locket felt like the perfect gift for her to keep her family with her while they were apart. Quinn, Mandy’s youngest son who is 10, has a little locket connected to his bag with a picture of a foster baby they had a few years ago who was loved dearly and is still missed.

picture keychain for kids or adults

The many stories we've been given over the years with grief, joy, loss, and love who have all been placed into a locket for a child who needed it are shared. Just a few... A gift from Grandma and Grandpa, the death of a parent or grandparent, being apart from our favorite people, the loss of a pet, a special memory, a back to school gift, missing Mom and Dad, something to celebrate a big milestone, best friend necklaces (below), and the list goes on. Each of these lockets and many more are out in the world bringing peace and comfort to these kids.

popular kid lockets

What are our most popular KID Lockets?! While it totally depends on your kid, whether they want something big or small or if a necklace or keychain is best, we can share our most popular lockets for kids…

open square locket

Open lockets are always a hit because you can always see the photo. The biggest favorites are:

  • The Little Locket - an open round locket holding a .3 inch picture
  • The Little Square - an open square locket holding a .3 inch picture
  • The Penny - names after Allyssa's daughter, an open round locket holding a .8 inch picture
  • The Ozzie - a clip that is perfect for backpack, round, 1.2 inch picture
  • The Ellen - 14k gold open round locket holding a .25 picture

cat locket

The Meow Meow Lockets seem to be a go-to favorite for so many children:

  • They come in pink, white and blue. They hold up to two .4 inch pictures.

lockets in gold and silver

For other "closed" lockets that can hold one or two images and you have to open to see, these two are for sure the most popular:

  • The Roxie Belle in gold or silver - heart locket that holds up to 2 pictures about .6 inches each
  • The Edith in gold or silver - round closed locket that holds up to 2 pictures about .3 inches each

We recommend choosing the 16" chain at check-out as it is the shortest we carry and the most common length for kids to wear comfortably. 

Ultimately, ANY of our lockets work for kids! Think about what kind of picture you are adding, the age of your child, the wear and tear it will get, and your price point. From there, whatever decision you make will be great! The locket you gift to a child will be cherished forever!

Open Square Locket