Let's start with two hands up above saying THANK YOU THANK YOU for y'all giving us such an opportunity to make lockets for you and your friends and family this holiday season. It's an honor. I know we say that a lot, and it might sound like gibberish at this point, just lip service, but it's not. We genuinely are humbled by the trust people put in our work to hold your photographs and stories and gifts with love and care and pour all the good energy we can into them so you can feel so good about giving it to your friend or family, or yourself. You deserve that good energy. WE ALL DO.

So, let's talk dates for getting those orders in - because the deadlines are creeping up FAST. Here's a breakdown.

1. THE LAST DAY TO ORDER WITHIN THE U.S. FOR GUARANTEED CHRISTMAS DELIVER IS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10th. It takes time to make your lockets. We are working seven days a week right now so we don't fall behind with demand (look, we don't wanna ruin Christmas with late packages!) and so subsequently we generally begin working on a locket the same day you order. This cutoff date gives us time to make, and ship, your locket.

2. IF YOU ORDER AFTER DECEMBER 10th we might still be able to get it to you in time, but cannot guarantee it. To increase the odds, select USPS Overnight Express (generally arrives next day from date of shipping, and is even more reliable than Priority USPS) or FedEx two day (at least, depending on the date you order). 

3. Remember that WE NEED A FEW DAYS (3-5) TO MAKE YOUR LOCKET FROM THE DATE YOU ORDER, so they do not ship the same day.

4. WE RECOMMEND OVERNIGHT DELIVERY FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS AT THIS POINT. We realize this is pricey, but it's likely the only guaranteed option at this point. Standard shipping is not as reliable internationally, especially when you want it by Christmas.

If you have any other questions, text us at 612-567-2397 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page here.