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Find the Perfect Graduation Locket in 4 Easy Steps

Choosing the perfect locket for your graduate is easier than you think! Each of our lockets is carefully crafted to embody beauty, meaning, and the enduring bond between you and your loved one. It's a timeless gift that will always remind them of their achievements and the journey they took to get there. Our lockets convey that you see their true self and will always support them as they continue to grow and thrive.

To help you find the ideal locket for your graduate, we've compiled 4 crucial questions for you to consider. After all, no one knows your graduate better than you do! And if you need a little extra guidance, feel free to consult with their loved ones for some insider info.

1. What type of metal does your graduate prefer? Gold or silver?

Our lockets come in a variety of metals, including gold vermeil, sterling silver, 14K solid gold, or mixed metals. Plus, each locket comes with a matching chain available in different lengths to fit different styles.

The Evelyn and The Gold Evelyn

2. What size of jewelry does your graduate prefer? Large statement pieces or small and dainty?

Our Locket Sister's collection features over 45 designs ranging from .3" pendants to 1.5" pendants. Consider the shape of the photo you want to include when choosing the design. We also offer the option to upload your own photo for a more personal touch.

The Gold and Silver Brenda Locket

3. Will your graduate want their picture to show on the outside in one of our open pendants or would they prefer it to be inside, tucked away in one of our closed lockets?

With various locket sizes and designs, you can choose from open pendants for a visible photo or closed lockets that hold two photos and can be worn in multiple ways. It's up to your graduate's preference and style.

The Disco Ball Locket

4. How many photos do you want to include in your locket?

Our closed lockets can hold two photos, but you can choose to add one or both. You can also leave one side open for your graduate to add their own photo later on. We often receive lockets back for this purpose, and our customer service is always here to help with any maintenance needs.

The Little Oval Locket

Once you have your perfect locket chosen, place your order and get ready for a truly special graduation gift. Our lockets usually ship within 5-8 business days, and we take great care and attention to ensure its perfect condition. Trust us, the sentimental value and the memories these lockets hold are truly priceless.

Don't settle for an ordinary gift, give your graduate something they'll cherish forever with our stunning lockets.

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