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  • large oval vertical pendant locket with etching
  • 14k gold-fill (3 macron) on sterling silver (.925) 
  • holds one or two photos
  • closes to keep the photos private unless opened
  • 1" wide x 1.25" tall x .2" deep 
  • 18" 14k gold-fill chain 
  • we secure your photo inside in your locket with a protective resin
  • this locket also comes in silver
  • pro tip: this locket works best with a vertical rectangular photograph, with the long edges on the sides and the shorter edges on the top and bottom
  • comes with a polishing cloth to care for your locket over time
  • standard shipping within the US is always free, international shipping has a flat rate pending the country
  • The Evelyn Locket is named after our maternal Grandma. She was a mother of ten kids, raised them all on a farm in the Minnesota River Valley with our Grandpa Norbert. We remember her Sunday pork roasts, the way she rocked in her chair, her scent, her rhythm in the kitchen, her laugh, her smile, the way she never minded when all 35 of her grandkids would jokingly vie to be her favorite. Though she'd never give in. An iconic, strong, sturdy woman from what feels like a time long gone. It's the perfect namesake locket for our Grandma Evelyn.


    1. If you’re having any trouble ordering, click here to see if we can solve the problem or ask us a question.

    2. We resize your photo to fit your locket. If you have specifications on what's most important in the image, let us know in your order notes.

    3. Lockets ship within 7-10 days of the date you placed the order. Sometimes sooner. You'll receive an email notification once it's shipped (best email ever!).

    4. Standard shipping within the US is always free. International has a flat rate depending on the country. If you want us to add your country, tell us. We can likely do it! 

    5. US customers can expect to receive their locket within 10-14 days from the date of order. International orders usually take 2-3 week to arrive in your hands from the date of order. 

    6. Still have questions? We’re here to answer them. We’re pretty quick at getting back to people!

Product Reviews

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Amazing locket- so happy
Written by Sam on Jan 23rd 2022

I usually don’t get large necklaces, but I am so glad I got this larger locket. It’s gorgeous, the etching is unique and beautiful, and I’ve been wearing it every day since I got it. The pictures also turned out so well. I find myself looking at them all throughout the day. My kids are also fascinated by it as well. Highly recommend.

Written by Jaymee Harvey Willms on May 10th 2021

My husband and I lost our sons on March 25th, 2021. They were prematurely stillborn without warning. While I was pregnant I was hoping for a locket with their ultrasounds for Mother's Day. After our son's were born, I was buying and searching for jewelry and keepsakes that would remind me of our sons. I bought several lockets, stacking rings with their names and countless other items- most were disappointing or returned. I was giving up on finding a locket or anything that made sense. Grief brain makes every decision harder. I stumbled on Locket Sisters on Instagram was was thrilled they were from my home state. It felt too good to be true, a locket from home, I could afford the gold Evelyn and I wouldn't have to worry about our only family photos being ruined in water or the random accidents of life. My boys, our family could be kept forever in a place where the photos were large enough to see each of our twins. I could remember the feeling of my husbands head on mine meeting our sons for the first and last time. I was reassured by Alyssa our family photos would be respected and honored, and the result is beautiful. I haven't taken this locket off. In a world where not many things have brought comfort. This little piece of my family steadies my shaking hands and aching heart. I am deeply grateful for a beautiful piece, and a way to keep my sons close. George, Allen, my husband and I are eternally grateful that you have allowed us to stay together.

Written by Erica Henricks on Oct 5th 2020

Very happy with this purchase. Will definitely be a return buyer. This is the most beautiful locket I have found and couldn't be happier with it. The pictures are forever!