Gift Thoughtfully: Send a Locket Directly to Your Loved One with Locket Sisters

At Locket Sisters, we are proud to have a community of generous and caring customers who love to give our lockets as gifts. Whether for a holiday, birthday, milestone, or to honor a loved one, our lockets make for a truly thoughtful and memorable present.

But did you know you can have your locket sent directly to the gift recipient? No need to make an extra trip to the post office – we've got you covered! And we understand that when gifting something as special as our lockets, you want to know exactly how it will look when it arrives. Well, let us show you.

The Edith

After your locket is carefully designed, poured, cleaned, and polished, it is placed in its own padded jewelry box to ensure safe transit. We take great care in every step of the process, always keeping in mind the person who will be wearing the locket and the story behind it. We believe that our connection with your stories is what makes our lockets truly special.

To add a personal touch, we offer the option to include a handwritten note with your locket. You can choose to write your own message, or we can write one on your behalf. We want each recipient to feel loved and seen as they open their locket, so we make sure to include a note in every package.

Locket Stories

But that's not all – along with the locket and note, we also include a polishing cloth and information about the locket. And our favorite addition? "The Little Thread." This small but meaningful detail is our way of showing our appreciation and love for each and every one of our customers.

MN Best Business

We understand that our lockets are more than just pieces of jewelry – they hold sentimental value and become part of someone's story. That's why we are constantly thinking about the overall experience of receiving a Locket Sisters locket. From start to finish, we put time, thought, and heart into each piece, and we are grateful for the chance to play a small part in your story. Thank you for choosing Locket Sisters.

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