How to Keep Your Locket Sparkling: A Guide from The Locket Sisters

Congratulations on your new locket from The Locket Sisters! Our team takes pride in using only high-quality materials to create beautiful pieces that can be worn daily. To ensure that your locket stays in pristine condition over time, we recommend following the care instructions below for your specific material.

The 14K Gold Dorothy

Solid Gold: Made to Last Forever

Our solid gold lockets require minimal maintenance, as they do not oxidize or discolor. Simply use a soft cloth to maintain the shine and store your locket in a dry and safe place when not in use.

The Gold Heart

Gold Vermeil & Gold Plated: Versatile and Tarnish-Resistant

Our gold vermeil lockets are composed of a solid layer of gold bonded to sterling silver, making them more resistant to tarnishing. Our gold plated lockets have a thin layer of gold over other metals. With proper care, both types can be worn daily and maintain their high-quality condition for a long time.

  • Things to Avoid: Pools, Showers, Sunscreen, and More

While our gold vermeil and gold plated lockets can withstand water, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to chlorinated water, such as in pools and hot tubs. If you need to shower with your locket, make sure to use mild products and dry it afterwards. Be cautious with sunscreen, makeup, perfume, and other products, as they can cause discoloration. It's best to apply these products before putting on your jewelry and clean your locket afterwards. Avoid direct contact with sweat or saltwater, and take off your locket before working out. Body chemistry can also impact jewelry, so take extra care if you have a strong natural acidity level.

  • How to Store Your Locket

After use, gently wipe your locket with a soft, dry cloth and store it in an airtight container. We recommend storing your locket in its original box between uses to prevent any rubbing or friction that can cause it to wear quickly. In some cases, environmental factors, such as living in a humid area, can affect the tarnish resistance of your locket. In these situations, taking extra care of your jewelry is important.

The Disco Ball Locket

Sterling Silver: A Precious Metal That Can Last a Lifetime

Our sterling silver lockets are made of 92.5% pure silver and can be worn daily with proper care. Like gold vermeil and gold plated, they can oxidize over time but can be easily cleaned to restore their shine.

  • How to Clean Your Locket: Check out our blog about cleaning your locket! You'll find a video as well as a step by step guide.

Additional Note: Skin Turning Green

It is uncommon, but in some cases, wearing jewelry in certain environments or having high acidity levels can cause a reaction that may turn your skin green. If this happens, remove your jewelry and clean the affected area with soap and water. It is also helpful to switch to a different type of jewelry, such as solid gold or sterling silver.

For a more in depth explanation of our metals, check out our blog The Locket Sister Materials.

We hope these tips will help you keep your locket looking its best for years to come. Thank you for choosing The Locket Sisters for your jewelry needs!

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