"My Sisters and I Lost Our Parents to Cancer in 2020"

The Stacy Lockets "For me and my sisters. My sisters and I lost our parents to cancer in 2020. Mom was diagnosed in February and passed in July. Dad's cancer was in remission for 5 years before coming back in April and he passed in May. I have lived most of my adult life in another state but of all things, Covid let me be with my parents at the end as my formally non remote job went remote. 2 weeks before everything shut down both of them were in the hospital for different things (cancer and a bleeding ulcer)- I remember taking PTO to be in Iowa with them and it's weird to think how easily I was able to walk around a hospital to be with them both. That seems like forever ago. I miss them every day. I miss my dad laughing at his own jokes. I miss my mom's facial expressions and mannerisms. I miss our family tradition of playing Cards Against Humanity together at the holidays. My parents loved taking photos- we are slowly working through sorting and digitizing thousands of photos."

The Stacy Locket