The Amy Locket: A Modern Petite Photo Keepsake Named After My Sister

No secret that I value sisterhood over here. It's not just a word built in to the name of this business (that I started with one of my sisters). It's also a way of existing that I learned from watching my Mom connect with her seven sisters throughout my childhood. They all live around the country, so she spent a lot of time on the phone with them. And with friends, too. Sisterhood isn't just about the women who were born into your family, it's about the women all around you who help you carry on through life, right?

Naming a locket after my sisters was a no brainer. They mean a lot to me, I'm so lucky to have such a close relationship with them, and sometimes I wonder who people tell certain things to if not their sisters? These bits would be TMI for a friend. And if you have a sister, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm sure of it,

The Stacy was one of the first lockets we launched, and it was popular almost right away. As the rest of our line grew, The Stacy got a little buried, but I've seen a major resurgence of it in recent months. I can hardly keep it in stock! 

The Amy was launched this past spring as the final design from Amy herself. She'd noodled around and played with different materials for a while, and then one day it clicked and she had it set. She showed it to me, and I loved it too. Looked different than what we'd seen before, had more elements than the rest, something that stood out. And we love things that go against the norm, stand out, aren't afraid of themselves. Makes us feel more alive that way.

modern petite small photo locket with picture inside

Sharing this keepsake with you, this looped locket with a modern ring that comes in gold or silver, feels like sharing my sister with you in a way.