The Emerald Calcite Pendant

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LOCKET FEATURES (This design does NOT come with photo charms. You can find The Emerald Calcite Charm Locket here). 

  • Raw emerald calcite in various shapes and sizes set securely with hand-whipped resin in square pendants measuring just under one inch
  • remains open so you can see the photographs at all times
  • we secure your new calcite stone inside in your locket with a protective resin
  • comes with a polishing cloth to care for your locket over time
  • standard shipping within the US is always free, international shipping is rated for destination


  • Calcite is a rock-forming mineral found throughout the world in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks
  • Emerald Calcite is thought to clear old, stagnant energy, vibrate with joy and creativity, and calm turbulent energies, 


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