How to Pick the Right Metal for Your Locket: A Guide from The Locket Sisters

What Metal Should I Choose?

The Little Gold Oval Locket

We often get asked what the difference is between the 14K gold lockets and gold vermeil lockets. Below you will find some good questions to help you choose which metal is best for you. We have explained the difference between the two metals in the Exploring the Differences Between 14k and Vermeil blog and you can go to the "The Locket Sisters Materials" blog to learn more about each of the metals and product collections we offer. If you have more questions or would like more direction in picking the right locket, we would be so happy to help you. You can email us at or visit our contact page and leave a message. 

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Between Gold Vermeil and 14K Gold

1.) When will you wear it?

Many people like to keep their lockets on as much as possible as it keeps their loved ones near to their heart. Others purchase multiple lockets, each representing a different loved one, and wear them occasionally. While our high quality gold vermeil is the best 14k gold alternative, it will require some special care like all fine jewelry does. Vermeil is considered the best 14k alternative because of its sterling silver base compared to gold filled jewelry which has a brass or copper base. Vermeil is layered with 100+ mls of 24k gold, which is a lot of gold! However, gold vermeil jewelry does need to stay dry and away from other harsh chemicals, lotions, etc. The polishing cloth we include does a great job at upkeeping its luster and shine if it does come in contact with these things. If you don’t want to worry about taking your jewelry off and you know you will wear it day and night, then 14k gold might be a better option. At The Locket Sisters our 14k gold is composed of 58.3% pure gold, mixed with a combination of other metals to create a stronger piece of jewelry that is able to handle more wear and tear.

The Gold Stacy Locket

2.) What kind of piece is this for you?

Lockets are a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry. They serve as a conversation piece and also as a way to bring comfort. Some people choose a locket for its looks and uniqueness and some choose it as a way to hold their loved one close to their heart at all times. If you want a locket that serves as a personalized statement piece, stylish and beautiful, but not sure how often you’ll wear it, then gold vermeil or sterling silver may be just right for you. At a lower price point, it’s less of a commitment and that may be exactly what you’re looking for. You can always invest in another piece down the line. Our Gold Vermeil Locket Collection is vast and you can get started on finding the right one for you now! If you have a special milestone or cherished loved one you want to keep near you daily, consider investing in a 14K gold piece that you have been eyeing for a while. The value of gold is a solid investment and you can be assured that we will warranty your 14k gold locket for the life of the locket. We have our most popular lockets in our Solid Gold Collection.

The Disco Ball Locket

3.) Do you wear both silver and gold?

If you like to fluctuate between gold and silver, you may want to stick with gold vermeil or sterling silver as the investment is less and it will be easier to make a switch down the road. Because the sterling silver and gold vermeil lockets are more affordable, we have many customers who don’t stop at one locket. Life changes, our stories change, and there is usually a reason to want another locket holding a meaningful memory or loved one. If you know you only wear gold though, then 14k gold will be a great option. The 14k Gold Dorothy and The 14K Gold Edith both hold two photos which means you could always add one photo to start and send it back when you’re ready to add a second photo.

The 14k Gold Dorothy Locket

4.) What is your price point?

Sometimes it truly just comes down to the price! What can you afford right now? Our gold vermeil and sterling silver lockets are more affordable and still so very beautiful and made to last for years! Our gold vermeil is a great option if you’re not ready for the 14k gold investment but still want something unique and lovely to hold your loved one or special memory. We offer lockets at every price point to bring joy and comfort by keeping your special stories close. We love that we can bring this experience to you through our lockets, whichever metal you choose!

Whichever you choose, know that all of our lockets are high quality and will be a beautiful and meaningful piece to add to your jewelry collection. Need more help deciding? Reach out through our Contact Page or email us at and we will be happy to guide you. Our Instagram page also has a lot of locket ideas and stories that you’ll love connecting with as you make your decision.

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