Introducing The Edith Locket: Our smallest locket yet.

edith locket in gold or silver, very small

There a lot of Amys in my life. I've got my sister Amy, the one I started The Locket Sisters with. There's my two Amys from the time I lived in Denver. One of my fav yoga teachers is an Amy. And my longest, dearest friend is an Amy, too. I've always called her Amy J so as not to confuse her with Amy-my-sister growing up.

Amy J grew up on Edith Ave in the town we both were raised in. I remember being in 2nd grade and noticing her for the first time at her at her class' lunch table, with her packed lunch from home (which I interpreted then, at 8 years old, to be rich families who could afford expensive nonsense things like Lunchables) and lots of friends who seemed to want to be around her. The next year we were in the same 3rd grade class, Mrs. Skoog's class, and we've been good friends ever since. She was my maid of honor, I was her's, our kids are friends, she was the first friend call all three times my Mom had cancer, I showed up unannounced in the hospital waiting room when her husband had surgery for cancer.

gold and silver lockets that hold one or two photos and are perfect gifts for mothers day, graduation, weddings, grief, loss, inspiration, milestones and growth

But long before the cancers and the weddings, I spent hours upon hours upon days at her home on Edith Ave, eating her Mom's leftover lasagna and downing the Thin Mints they'd buy in droves. Sometimes we'd even stop by their house just to get me a sleeve of Thin Mints. When I think of my childhood, I think of Amy J's home. I think of her fridge full of food, I think of movies in her basement, I think of her Dad's jokes and her Mom's warmth. That home on Edith Avenue was a part of my childhood as much as my own.

I've long wanted to honor her, her mother, her family, and then it dawned on me: Our brand new, tiniest locket yet, with it's subtle but secure, everyday presence, is perfectly fit for a name like Edith. It's timeless, sweet, warm, embracing, reminds me of both a loving grandmother and a young baby with parents who have good taste. It's adorable, it's something that's always with you but you don't even always notice it til you put it between your fingers and remind yourself of what it holds.

small edith locket in 14k gold fill

The Edith Locket is a very similar pendant to what we hold on The Bangle Locket in silver and gold. Petite, yet still carrying so much clarity in the image. It comes in gold or silver, holds one or two photographs, and you can choose your chain length.

The Edith Locket is perfect for anyone who wants to wear an photo close to their heart every single day. It's easy. Just like growing up alongside Amy J on Edith Avenue.