Lockets that are not necklaces.

we make lockets that are not necklaces made of gold, silver, copper, bronze and more.

From the giddy-up, the first day, the night my sister and I launched The Locket Sisters from the kitchen table of our childhood home while we made a pot of coffee at 8pm because our kids were so young that if we went to either of our homes we would be submerged in motherhood, we knew that even though we were starting with just a couple lockets like The Big Love and The Stacy, we knew we'd need to expand.

We had to add more designs because first of all not everyone loves silver, and second of all not everyone loves necklaces. 

It's fine, it's totally fine, we're not even offended. We like the ones that aren't necklaces, too. I wear The Gold Bangle everyday (and don't tell our FAQ page that I even wear it in the shower...) and have The Copper Lapel Pin on the purse that I wear everyday, and I also have The Walter Keychain (SERIOUSLY OBSESSED WITH THE LEATHER ON IT!).

Plus, not everyone who wants a locket wants it to be over-the-top femme either. We do, in fact, make many lockets for men who rock what we've got, and frankly we don't actually care about someone's gender because it's a requisite for not much. It's yours, not ours. Know what I mean? Still not there yet? You'll get there. Hopefully. 

Anyway, let me tell you about the lockets that are not necklaces! I've got a list, I've got photos, I've got links. Let's dig in. Let's start with the list.

Lockets that are NOT necklaces:

Now let's try this in order of photos. Click 'em to see the locket on the site and get the details on the specs. Easy peezy. 

modern silver bracelet with locket charm pendant that holds a picture or two photos

modern bracelet in gold plating with a swinging locket charm pendant where we put the photos inside for you

lapel pins in gold, silver, or bronze with your photo placed inside and set in resin to secure it safely.

leather strapped keychain with a bronze pendant that holds a photo inside as a locket for men or anyone who wants to have a locket that's not a necklace

bronze keychain with a customizable photo inside

cufflinks with your personal photos inside

thick leather keychain clip with photo locket pendant attached modern for men

bronze pendants with positive messages inside and $5 from the sale of each pendant goes to Together We Rise