The Emerald Calcite Pendants: Inspired by the Black Hills

emerald green calcite pendants that are bulky in square gold pendants on a white backdrop

This past summer I travelled to the Black Hills of South Dakota with my family. I had low (or no?) expections of what it would be like. I didn't plan the trip, I was kinda burned out on summer travel, but my kids were excited to see their cousins and I figured, fuck it, let's just go and see what happens. 

My kids drove out with my parents, brother's fam, and sisters' families. I drove out separately halfway through their adventures (heyo, had to stay and make some lockets since Mandy was also on vacation with her family, too!) and when I arrived no one was at the campsite. I drove to Sylvan Lake, which was the closest beach, and found them walking along these incredible rocks and in waters and swimming with layered, textured backdrops that felt other-worldly. I was stunned. I was wrong about what I thought the Black Hills in South Dakota would be like, and subsequently I was blown away by what I was seeing.

As the days progressed, the four that I was out there, I was continually amazed by the history of the land, the Native American energetic presence, the desert vibes that I thought existed primarily in the SW region of the US, by the rocks and gemstones and the cliffs and hills and mountains and the landscapes, my goodness, the landscapes. 

I had this massive surge in interest in learning everything I could about the First Nations history, and how they were displaced, experienced genocide and war at the hands of colonial settlers, and what this meant the current land in and around Western South Dakota. 

The kids wandered away from the bonfires so they could discover gemstones and quartz along the hills and trees that surrounded us. Again, I was stunned, as this world of healing in general has been attractive to me for years, but the subtleties of gemstones and the energy they carry and invite has been of particular interest. My sister, Amy, and I took a day to explore the small town of Custer, South Dakota one day with our kids, and spent HOURS inside a gemstone shop with the most lovely owner. He took so much time to teach us about the gemstone properties of everything he carried, how they're sourced and cared for and what they have the potential to welcome in.

I was particularly struck by the emerald calcite - not just it's color, but it's alignment with the upper heart chakra. It balances in every level and supports the immune system, stregthening the body's ability to heal. It has a gentle, mind-lifting effect, and this last part - it's "lift" on the mind, made me wanna bring it into my life, as I've been on my own healing journey of "setting down" stressors that aren't mine or simply don't need to be carried. 

emerald calcite gemstone inside a gold square pendant

emerald calcite gemstone pendant with three photo locket pendants in gold adjacent

I bought a bunch of the emerald calcite and begin playing with it in The Locket Sisters studio, seeing how it felt in different gold and silver pendants of all shapes and sizes, seeing if we liked it alongside photos, and even tested it at a pop-up we did at Jenny in the City in September. It was the most popular item that night, so we figured it was time to expand it on to our website so everyone can enjoy. 

You can find it as a solo pendant here, and with the option to add photos here.

We hope you love it!