Say it, hold it.

Every couple of months a new mantra pops into my head. It's not something I have to work too hard to hear, it's something that floats into my head and generally I'm listening. 

In the past my mantras have been:

  • rest
  • breathe
  • heal
  • grieve
  • learn
  • listen
  • laugh 
  • joy
  • adventure

Lately, my intuition has been telling me to "let go" and "expand," which has morphed into "let go to expand." Like I cannot do one without the other. They both have to happen. They're the reason and the solution, all at once. The more I meditate around this, the more I focus on letting go of resisting all kinds of barriers and blocks I've put in front of myself, things I squeeze so tightly that they can't move. 

The need to work more stresses me out to the point of defeating the purpose of working more: growth.

The ambition to learn everything I need to learn about healing the gut keeps me up at night and inhibits my sleep, which stops me from the thing I'm trying to do anyway: heal.

This most recent mantra, let go to expand, speaks to so many paths in my life: The idea that I must get out of my own way to move forward, that I cannot hold so tightly to anything or it will stop it's flow, that I have to let myself expand even though sometimes it feels against my own will.

Let go to expand. Let go. Expand. Expand.

A few months ago I tucked these words being two photos in my Gold Lillian Locket and when I find myself rubbing it and saying those words. "Let go. Expand." I wear a lot of lockets, but I wear this one particularly when I can feel that I need it. When I feel myself self-destructing before I can even give myself a chance to expand. Let go of it, I repeat.

I shared my mantra locket on our Instagram page, and so many people responded positively that we decided we should give you a chance to do the same.

Not every locket can hold these powerful mantras, which you'll choose for yourself, but many of them can. Here's the list of lockets that can hold your words, your mantras, your intentions:

We hand write your mantra, your intention, serving as an additional affirmation to whatever it is you're focusing on.

Can't wait.


Amy + Allyssa