Inspiring Ideas Mother's Day Lockets

Mother's Day is a special holiday, but we really think mothers should be celebrated every day, right?! Mothers keep this world going and deserve multiple days to be honored and shown how loved they are! Whether a woman has biological, fostered, or adopted children or no children of her own, she is most likely caring for, mentoring, providing for, helping, or showing love in some way to other children…making her a mother! We have a lot of women to be honoring on this special day coming up because it takes a village to raise these kids!

We also recognize that Mother’s Day is one of the hardest days of the year for some women. Moms who have lost a child, we see you. Women who want nothing more than to be a mom, we see you. Moms whose kids have left the home and time spent together is rare, we see you. The stories and lockets we have gotten to make in memory of your children have forever impacted us. We are thinking of you this season and are honored to get to continue to be a part of your stories as you share them with each locket ordered.

In Memory of Toby

What do mothers want for Mother’s Day? Time spent with family (or chosen family) OR time away from family (moms with young kids - we see you!), AND a gift that shows how much you love her. A gift that has meaning and a gift that is well thought out.

A good handmade gift is always welcomed! If you’re looking for the next best thing - we’re pretty sure you can’t go wrong with a locket that holds her most special loves! There’s no doubt, a locket given on mother’s day will be the very best gift for the moms in your life, the grandmas in your life, the mother in laws, the friends who are like moms to your kids, and maybe even for yourself!

Here are some lockets that have been given to women from the people who love them most - their kids, husbands, grandkids, sisters, friends….

The Evelyn Locket

The Silver Evelyn: "For my sister in law. The first photo is of her, her husband and kids. The second photo is of her mom, her and her two sisters when they were younger."

The Gold Clara

The Gold Clara: "For my mom, my children's nana. We have pictures taken every year of our girls. I love looking back each year to see how much they have grown and how their personalities come through. My mom recently had knee replacement surgery for the second time. I'm hoping this gives her some extra encouragement to keep putting one foot in front of the other."

The Moon Locket Necklace

The Moon Locket Necklace: "For my sweetie pie. No matter what Jen is doing…no matter how busy…she is family first. She wanted pictures of us with her always."

The Stacy Locket

The Stacy Locket in silver: "For my daughter, Leah. Her daughter Sawyer with the carriage horses at Xmas Nights at 123 Farm Lavender Fields."

The Marilyn Locket

The Gold Marilyn Locket: "For Mariah Blanco. It's a family blessing."

The Evelyn Locket

The Evelyn Locket in silver: "For myself. Our wedding photo (2009) and now our babies (2022, 7 and 4 years old) - I love the style and name of this necklace... my grandmother was Evelyn and now my daughter is Evelyn after her. My grandmother wore a very similar locket to this and when I saw this I knew it was my Christmas gift!"

The Stacy Locket

The Silver Stacy Locket: "This locket is for me! These photos are from the birth of my first baby, our son Kit. The "Left" photo is of my husband and me, from a particularly difficult time in the labor. He was such a comfort to me and I cherish that memory. The "Right" photo is of Kit, shortly after we brought him home from the hospital. I love that it shows his big eyes and his tiny hand."

Shop our 14K Gold Lockets

We have 14K Gold now too! All of our lockets are beautiful and will make any gift amazing, but these 14k gold lockets are stunning and we're so excited to have them in stock and ready for you to order.

Tell your mom or your partner how loved they are and give them a gift that they can wear every day to hold their most precious people near to their hearts. We would love to hear your story and add your pictures to any locket that you love. Shop our many lockets and find the one that's right for the special lady in your life to honor her this Mother's Day.