Discovering Lockets That Share a Story

We say this often, but the best part of our job is getting to read the stories our customers write in honor of the locket they are ordering. When we know the story of the picture or why the locket is being ordered, we connect with it. We sit over it and wonder more about the story, the people, the grief or the joy that is attached the the photo and to the choice of locket design. We laugh and we cry every single day. Our lives have changed because of the stories. 

We all have stories to tell - stories that shape who we are, shape how other people see us, and help us feel connected to each other. Stories of joys and sorrows, triumphs and tragedies, successes and failures. These stories, when told truthfully and without hesitation, can tap into a power that can transform lives. When your story is transformational, it's something you want to hold near and be reminded of daily. These are the stories we receive at The Locket Sisters. Stories that are being captured in a tiny way inside a beautiful piece of art. This piece of art can travel with you anywhere and everywhere to be a reminder of the beautiful story that continues to be written, one day at a time.

Getting to see other people's joys and sorrows helps us continue to write our own stories. Thank you for those of you who have so graciously said we could share your story. Yes, sharing these helps you see our lockets, but more importantly we share these to bring connection, comfort, and hope to all of our readers, customers, and for ourselves. Life can be hard, we see that daily. It can also be good! We see that daily too. We love getting to be a part of your lives in this small way and are honored to create a piece of jewelry that is more than just a picture, but a way of going forward.

The Silver Little Oval Locket: "For myself. This picture is of my husband meeting our son right after he was born. Our son was born shortly after I finished grad school, and I've been lucky enough to be able to stay home with him for 6 months before transitioning to work. I am so excited to finally be able to work in my chosen field, but will miss my baby every minute I'm away. So, before I start my new job, I wanted to get myself something to carry my little family with me every day."

The Gold Dorothy: "For my client - Sara Archie. I created this photo after a mini session Sara had with me, she just came for my Christmas minis, but happened to be my last client of the day and had told me her story about her traumatic birth and how she had planned to get newborn pictures done but had to cancel as she was still recovering. Hearing this story, I just had to capture some sweet images of her miracle baby! She has told me repeatedly that these images are so healing in her journey. I am so honored to have had the chance to recover some of the joy in her journey."

The Gold Roxie Belle Heart Locket: "For Elke. We are gifting this locket to Elke, Sister and law and an aunt to our children. The photographs are of her children, Andrew and Tamara. Andrew passed away at a very young age from lukemia last New Years Eve. Andrew will always be remembered and loved by all of us. This gift locket represents "Heaven and Earth." She has Andrew in heaven and Tamara on Earth. We hope this gift brings a smile to Elke, who is an amazing Mother, Sister and Aunt. "Heaven and Earth."

The Gold Lapel Pin:"For Dave. This memento is for Dave, our brother in law. The photograph is of Andrew, your son, who is in Heaven. Dave when You are feeling sadness, take this lapel with You, as a reminder that Andrew is always with You, and in all of our hearts."

The Gold Edith: "For me. My babies on their birthdays."

Uncovering the essential power of real life stories brings the unique benefits of shifting perspectives, overcoming limiting beliefs, growing empathy and connection, and even releasing trauma. Telling our own stories allows us to be vulnerable and trusting of our innermost experiences and can bring greater understanding, healing, and acceptance of ourselves and others. Continue to follow along as we share stories from people around the world. They may bring you tears, but you'll be grateful to know someone else's story and it might even connect in a way you didn't know you needed. Grateful to be doing what we do - making lockets!