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Celebrate Mother's Day in style with a personalized locket from The Locket Sisters. Give your Mom, Grandma or Auntie a gift that will keep her loved ones close to her heart, whether it be her children, grandchildren, pets, honorary children, nieces and nephews, or even her favorite place.

And the best part? We make it easy for you. Simply choose a favorite photo or two, select a locket that your Mom will adore, and place your order. We'll handle the rest - resizing the photo to fit perfectly, covering it with durable resin, and packaging it in a beautiful keepsake box. Plus, we offer the option to include a personal note if you wish to ship it directly to Mom.

But before you order, here are a few details to consider. 

What size locket would be best for your Mom? We have both small dainty lockets, perfect for everyday wear, and larger lockets that can hold a bigger photo - ideal for those who may have trouble seeing small details. The larger lockets also make for stunning statement pieces that will impress all of Mom's friends.

The Roxie Belle Heart Locket

The Roxie Belle Heart Locket

"Absolutely gorgeous! I cried when I opened my locket. It is absolutely beautiful on the outside and on the inside has photos of my precious sons."

And what type of metal does your Mom prefer to wear? Our lockets come in a variety of options, including sterling silver, gold vermeil, solid gold, and gold plated. Check out our detailed blogs (LS MaterialsThe Right Metal...)  about each material to help you make your decision. And don't worry if your Mom wears a mix of metals, as each of our lockets is gorgeous. We even have some mixed metal options like The Feather or The Charm, so she can have both silver and gold.

The Dorothy Locket in 14k Solid Gold

The 14K Gold Dorothy 

"A beautiful remembrance Review by Michele on 10 Dec 2022review stating A beautiful remembrance. This locket is gorgeous and will keep my daughter’s memory close to my heart always. I was searching for just the right locket and came across The Locket Sisters. I love that the photos I selected are a permanent part of this locket. My daughter had cerebral palsy and despite her special needs was always happy and smiling. A beacon of light to all who knew her. This locket reflects her spirit perfectly."

Next, consider the chain length. We have a helpful blog to guide you in choosing the best size for your Mom, whether she prefers a longer chain for easier wearing or a dainty locket placed higher on her neckline.

The Locket Sister's Chains

Finally, the most important detail - which photo or memory does your Mom want to hold close to her heart? We understand that this can be a tough decision with so many photos to choose from. Our advice? Don't stress about the aesthetics of the photo, just make sure the faces are clear and the memory is meaningful. After all, the purpose of the locket is to hold onto special moments and remind your Mom how loved she is. Smaller lockets can hold 1-3 faces, while larger lockets can accommodate group photos or full family portraits. Take a look at our Instagram or blog for inspiration on what may look best in your Mom's locket.

The Brenda Locket

One last thing - make sure to order early to ensure delivery before Mother's Day. This is our busiest time of year for locket making, so be sure to place your order by May 3rd. You can either tuck it away to give to your Mom in person, or have it shipped directly to her (but of course make her wait until May 12th to open it!). Don't wait - show your Mom some extra love this Mother's Day with a personalized locket from The Locket Sisters.

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