Five Reasons to Buy a Locket!

The Gold Disco Ball Locket

There are so many reasons to invest in a locket. No matter the shape or size, gold or silver, it will be with you forever. We narrowed all of our reasons into a top 5 list. 

In case you're wavering on whether you or someone you love needs a locket, this list should be pretty convincing. 

The many stories linked in will both bring you to tears and also show you just how precious a locket is. 

Who or what are you needing to hold near?

The Little Gold Circle Locket

1. Keep a Story Close to your Heart

Lockets make it possible to keep a story or memory close to your heart! Keep a loved one near at all times. Open it throughout the day to remember. Whether it's a memory of lovejoyfriendshipart, your grieving journey, a family member you wish could be with youa favorite place that just makes you smile, or that cute little face you miss while you're away at work. Our lockets hold the picture of that special personpetplace, or thing and you'll never regret keeping it close to your heart.

2. A Special Occasion

We send lockets out for so many special occasions! Wedding jewelry to hold someone special who can't be in person on the big daya milestone that you don't want to forgetmarking a special dayan engagement gift, a holidaynew grandma giftgraduationbirthdaysanniversary, etc. There's no wrong time to give or receive a locket!

3. The Perfect Gift

Honestly, to find a more meaningful and thoughtful gift than a locket is pretty darn hard. Lockets make the BEST gifts and tell the person you're gifting them to that you see them, you care about them, and you want to make each of their days special by giving them a locket to hold their most precious personpet or memoryA keepsake that can be cherished forever.

4. To Grieve

Grief. There isn't a fast way to grieve the loss of a childparentsiblingpet,  or any beloved being in your life. Grief is hard and constant. We have found that those who hold their loves close to their heart feel the presence of those they miss dearly. There's something about having the person or pet you miss most with you at all times in such a meaningful and beautiful piece of art.

5. Statement Piece

Lockets are beautiful! They make a statement! They're different than other jewelry. It makes people curious to know what is inside. Whether gold or silver, each of our lockets can add the perfect touch to your outfit and look for the day while carrying so much meaning and love on the inside!

The Little Square Locket

If you're feeling inspired and want to start creating your own locket or you know just the person who you want to gift a  locket to, continue seeing more stories here or go ahead and get your order in here! All you need to do is pick the locket you love, upload your picture(s), and we do the rest! Your locket will be ready to ship within 5 to 10 days. We can't wait to start making it!

If you're unsure which locket to choose for your special picture, read this. For answers to your questions, start here, or reach out to us and we'd be happy to help!

The Locket Sisters